When the growing season is over the grape vines go dormant, but there is plenty going on behind the scenes.   Recently, our 2015 Cabs were racked, or moved from one barrel to another.

Racking adds air and helps build structure or depth in the wine.  Barrels impart their characteristics on the wine, so changing barrels may enhance or mellow a particular aroma or flavor.  Racking also adds complexity to the mouthfeel by stirring up the lees (sediment) and clarifies the wine by removing heavy lees.

It takes about two years for our Cabernet Sauvignons to go from harvest to release. Our 2015 Cabs were racked in April 2016 and then again in January 2017.

Want to know more about racking or see it in progress?  Our winemaker, Patrick Saboe of The Wine Foundry, discusses racking in a short video here .


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